Our holiday cottages next to Narbonne

As we found this place close to the canal du Midi it had no name. So we brainstormed and invented the name Domaine de Puychêne. The building was old and existed many years before we were born. As the whole Languedoc used to do and as all families in the village of Saint-Nazaire d’Aude used to do also, the former-former owner made wine here. We like this kind of ancient buildings which combine various styles including old stables but also nice large masters’ apartments. At this time people used to add something new when they had time and money: the idea was not to enjoy the place for summer holidays in the south of France but to live properly and sometimes to survive… The decoration of the central window of the main house is really special with its own balcony. It was done during the 19th century, maybe for a special occasion such as a wedding. But the sun, the wind and the rain (yes, it happens sometimes…) damaged its aspect and its structure. So 200 years later we felt the responsability  to save this special decoration. By chance (a special big THANKS to our great guests) we found some money AND the right persons to work on this (société PY from Perpignan which is specialized in historical monuments and stone woks). We are proud and happy that we managed to achieve this before trhe beginning of the season. Our duty is to maintain these buildings alive as they are maintaining us alive. And hopefully in 200 years someone else will do the same ! We do not know if our guests will notice any difference but we do, each day and it makes us really happy. Now our history in Languedoc can go on. Our holiday cottages next to Narbonne are now ready for the next holidays. See you soon !

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