Holidays in Languedoc at Domaine de Puychene

Sometimes in March you have this feeling that something is changing and that the summer is ready to come. At Domaine de Puychene the new season  just started and the whole area is waiking up after the winter. This is easy to see when you notice many little signs such as more and more people cycling on the roads of Languedoc , a lot of flowers along the roads and in the fields, many customers in the restaurants of Le Somail along the canal du Midi. It is also the good moment for us to discover new places to walk or to ride. We are very ambitious today as our idea is to leave Narbonne and to reach the Abbaye of Fronfroide to enjoy a pic-nic there. It is not so easy as you have to go up and down in difficult and dry hills.  We are with well trained friends who are used to cycle in La Clape, on Gruissan beaches and in all these charming little roads that you can find in Corbières and in Minervois. They are excellent guides to help us to know better with part of the South of France where we decided to live. We took the direction of Perpignan to leave Narbonne and we quickly abandoned the main road to much smaller roads passing by Montplaisir Castle and Jonquières castle. The lanscape is beautiful and really dry and the roads full of stones are not so easy for my old mountain bike: we go up and down and up again. We can see the Pyrenées with remaining snow on the top, the mediterranean sea, the salted water lakes of Peyriac-de-Mer and we all really enjoy. We reached the Abbaye of Fontfroide and shared our pic-nic with oiur friends under the olive trees. A little nap was also necessary before going back to Narbonne. At last we did more than 30 kilometers in wonderful little roads with a taste of summertime as the whether was splendid. We will never forget this good moments in Occitanie. Summer will back soon in Occitanie. It is time to think about your holidays in Languedoc at Domaine de Puychene.