Holiday cottages rentals in the south of France

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Holiday cottages near the canal du Midi

Domaine de Puychene is a perfect place to discover Languedoc and enjoy holidays in the south of France : our holiday cottages near the Canal du Midi will welcome you and your family in a former winery that we renovated in 2014-2015. Once parked in our private parking you will have time to enjoy the garden, your private terrasse, the pool and many other things that we put here for the whole family. There is one destination that our guests really enjoy : the old city of Carcassonne. Nobody wants to miss it. And we do really understand because it is a real pleasure to visit the little streets and the castle, to walk on the top of the ramparts , to admire the 52 towers around the city… It is like travelling back in time and we always expect to see knights, archers, horses, tournaments, fights… like in a great movie. And on this day of April 2019 the miracle happened : Carcassonne was not a touristic place any more but a place for warriors and fights. Occitanie is already full of castles such as Queribus, Peyrepertuse, Montsegur and the story of Cathar people is still everywhere. But on this day the knights were in Carcassonne for real fights with their armours, weapons, helmets, coat of arms, shields, etc… Each fighter is a kind of giant who really enjoy to fight with other giants. In France this is called the Behourd and it is part of an international association of historical medieval battles. This day the fights were 5 against 5 (but there can be a lot more) and the winning team was the last with a standing fighter. Even if the weapons are modified not to kill the fights are real and can really hurt even if there are rules and arbitrators. We can easely imagine how difficult it was when you had to really fight for your life. But things have changed and the best thing to do when you are in Languedoc now is to spend time with your family, to enjoy biking, jogging, wine tasting and…doing nothing !