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Holiday cottage in Saint Nazaire Aude

After many years spent in Paris and then in a village close to Fontainebleau we were looking for a sunny holiday cottage in the south of France. We were lucky to visit one of our friends who had a house in Saint-Nazaire d’Aude, a village close to the canal du Midi. Luck often comes when you do not expect it. It happened this time after a nice lunch we had  next to the canal du midi in the very nice village of Le Somail.

When we returned to our friend’s house she met old peole she knew who were gently talking under the trees. She explained them that we were looking for a house in the area and a very friendly old guy who was born in the village told us that he could show us three houses for sale. After a nice tour in the village we really got a « coup de foudre » for the third house in a peaceful « cul-de-sac » with a garden opening on a wide landscape. It was at the same time in the village (close to the bakery, the grocery, the newspaper shop, the bar-restaurant) and in the nature. We bought it 10 years ago and we renovated it with the help of a local architect and local artisans to create a nice and confortable place. The result was great and our friends from the North enjoyed  very much to visit  each summer our holiday cottage in Saint Nazaire Aude.

The whole area around Narbonne is really fantastic because there are so many things to do, to see and to taste (landscapes, castles, abbayes of Fontfroide and Lagrasse, beaches, wines, fiestas in villages…). For us leaving this place was more and more difficult each year and we were looking for a solution to stay longer…

We always enjoyed welcoming people and sharing good moments with them. We knew good friends who were running holiday cottages with pleasure ans success and we thought that it might be a very good solution for us too : so we started to visit houses which were big enough to welcome people and give them the opportunity to have sunny holidays in the south of France in a nice place.  Once again luck came when we did not expect it, on the very last day of our summer holydays. A big house with a garden, a swimming-pool, old trees was waiting for us in the middle of our own village ! A new “coup de foudre” was the beginning of a new adventure : creating the Domaine de Puychêne with the architect and the artisans who already worked with…