Harvesting under the sun of Occitanie near Narbonne

In Languedoc-Rousillon which is now called Occitanie, between Corbières and Minervois where we decided to create our holiday cottages near Narbonne, harvestings usually start in september but can also start earlier, as this year which was really dry. It is possible to say that  Languedoc is only a vineyard as so many hectares are covered by this fantastic plant. And the good news is that the quality of the wine is increasing regularly. For example at a few kilometers from Domaine de Puychêne there is a fantastic protected area called La Clape between Narbonne and the Mediterranean sea. It is a fantastic place to walk, to enjoy mountain bike and also to meet passionated wine makers. They managed to obtain the confirmation of the official appellation La Clape as a fair return of their efforts to improve the quality of their wines. Each year in May they organise a fantastic « walk and wine » called Les Sentiers Gourmands de la Clape where you can discover at the same time the landscape, the wines, the winemakers and have a full lunch prepared by  experts. Nobody can forget this incredible walk once he did it. Our holiday cottages are close to the canal du Midi but also to hectares of wineyards whjch take in autumn wonderful colors. Nowadays most of the harvestings are done by machines but some winemakers who are looking for high quality wines still harvest by hand. Some friends are taking care of a small vineyard in Saint-Nazaire d’Aude. Their pleasure is to keep the old harvest spririt and to share a good moment. So we harvested all together with some guests of Domaine de Puychêne who enjoyed this very special moment. They visited Carcassonne, Minerve, Lagrasse, the abbey of Fontfroide but our guest had the opportunity of harvesting under the sun of Occitanie near Narbonne. It was a really warm day and the picnic we shared together was a real pleasure. They will never forget their holidays  in the south of France in Domaine de Puychene.