Fête médiévale in Peyrepertuse

The castle of Peyrepertuse is located in Occitanie and can be easely reached by car from Domaine de Puychene. It is a perfect one day tour to visit also the famous bakery of Cucugnan and to swim in the Gorges du VerdoublePeyrepertuse castle is a fantastic place built on thre top of a dry hill and is among the greatest settlements of the ancient Cathar population. The castle consists of three main parts and going on the upper point is a must to have a top view of the whole ladscape. The lower shows the important Sainte Marie Chruch, which was not only a place to worship God, but also a refuge for the Cathars, who have been persecuted by Pope Innocenzo III during the Eleventh century. The fortress is now part of the Monuments Historiques and has come under preservation order.

The path on foot goes steep among rocks and woods up to the castle and lasts about 20 minutes (Sport or Mountain-shoes are recommended!). The view up there is breathtaking. You have a 360 degrees-view of the Pyrénnées landscape on one and the Mediterranean Sea on the other corner; moreover, you can see Spain in the far distance whereas both the Queribus castle and the magic village Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse are close by.

Every year in August it’s time for a great Fête médiévale in Peyrepertuse : the village and the castle become scene for performances, dances and markets. It is a must, not only for kids, but also for those ones who would like to have an insight into the medieval age. In the castle there are amazing performances with raptors that become protagonists oh heaps of photos. Duilhac- sous-Peyrepertuse whereas, turns into a magical place: in the streets you’ll find medieval games for children, particular food and street-food, which is prepared by the little and friendly community of the village, next to a great campfire. On the evening the floor is given to actors with fabulous masks and spectacular dances. The fantasy is triggered and it feels like being in a dream. The celebration is concluded by a concert which brings the visitors back to the real world… you will be scored with this beautiful corner of the world! This is how summer in Languedoc can be: beachessun but also incredible places and people to discover.