Domaine de Puychene likes Allegria near Pezenas

During a splendid day of April we decided to leave our holidays cottages near Narbonne and close to the canal du Midi to go close to the charming little town of Pézenas. This is a place worth visiting especially on saturday morning to enjoy a typical  market of the South of France. With its nice old buildings and its narrow pedestrian streets, we often call Pézenas the “little Montpellier“. Today we proposed to some families staying at Saint-Nazaire d’Aude to leave the heated pool and the charming holiday cottages of Domaine de Puychene to meet the family d’Aboville who created the Domaine Allegria on the first hills of the high-Languedoc area. To go there we drove on a a very nice road along the canal du Midi, we passed the nice village of Capestang and the town of Béziers to arrive at last in the village of Caux which is really worth visiting too. Then we arrived at Domaine Allegria which was founded by Ghislain and Delphine d’Aboville who felt in love with the place in 2008. “Allegria” means “joy” in Occitan language and once you are here you understand why this name was perfectly choosen. The whole domaine is located on little hills  where  volcanos were a long long time ago. When you go on the top the hills you can see the 9 hectares of the domaine but also the mediterranean Sea. So you can imagine our happy we were to share a fantastic lunch outside and to taste different wines made by Ghislain. The German families who came with us will never forget with moment outside in a splendid place with delicious meals prepared by Delphine and wines from the domaine. This is a perfect example of what the French way of life can be full of happiness and of good things to share. And this exactly what we like to show to our guests of Domaine de Puychene. So thank you so much to the D’Aboville family for inviting us in their beautiful winery which a great example of what Languedoc and the South of France can offer: friendliness ! So yes indeed Domaine de Puychene likes Allegria near Pezenas… A bientôt !