Holiday cottages rentals in the south of France

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Charm holiday cottages in Languedoc

There are some places where you immediately feel at home.This is exactly what we felt when we visited for the first time the place which became later, Domaine de Puychene. In Languedoc you will find many places which are really worth to visit. We decided to build our charm holiday cottages in Languedoc close to Narbonne in a place which has never been finished by the prior owners and which could have disappeared. Our village of Saint-Nazaire d’Aude really became a European village during these last years as we welcome people from Germany, England, Ireland, Danmark, Norway, Spanish, Belgium and hopefully many other countries in the future… Most of our guests never visited the Languedoc (now called Occitanie) before they decided to come to Domaine de Puychêne and after one or two weeks of holidays they also felt in love with the area and want to come back ! Like us when we were on holidays here they enjoyed Caracassonne, the landscapes with the vineyards, les Halles de Narbonne (food cover market), Minerve, the beaches of the Mediterranean sea, the Oulibo (a local old oil cooperative). All the year long we like to discover new places to see, new restaurant to enjoy close to Domaine de in order to share them with our guests. Our charm holyday cottages in Languedoc are located in the middle of a dream area and we are close to Corbières and Minervois hills , the canal du Midi, villages, rivers… Our holiday cottages are close to Narbonne where the river Aude used to be until the XIV century. Now Narbonne is divided in two parts by the canal de la Robine which is the link between the canal du Midi and the Mediterranean sea. Along the canal de la Robine, just before entering Narbonne, you will find a wonderful place to relax with a warm welcome and a good meal. This is the Moulin du Gua and we highly recommend the terrasse for a nice lunch outside. It is also a very chic hôtel with modern and old buildings not far from the center of Narbonne. We really consider that it is our responsability to test a place before we recommend it to our guests. And this is not the worst part of our job… Enjoying your holidays in the South of France is something we take very seriously…