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Our History in Languedoc can go on


As we found this place without any name we brainstormed and invented Domaine de Puychêne. But the building was there may years before we were born. As the whole Languedoc used to do and as all families in the village of Saint-Nazaire d’Aude used to do also, the former-former owner made wine here. Unfortunately we […]

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Holidays in France


During our holidays in Languedoc we were charmed by the general good mood of the people in Narbonne and in the whole area. We enjoyed during more than 10 years all good things that Occitanie can offer around Saint-Nazaire d’Aude where we have our summer house : the Mediterranean sea, the city of Carcassonne, Corbières […]

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Charm holiday cottages in Languedoc


There are some places where you immediately feel at home.This is exactly what we felt when we visited for the first time the place which became later, Domaine de Puychene. In Languedoc you will find many places which are really worth to visit. We decided to build our charm holiday cottages in Languedoc close to […]

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Harvesting under the sun of Occitanie near Narbonne

holidays houses near narbonne

In Languedoc-Rousillon which is now called Occitanie, between Corbières and Minervois where we decided to create our holiday cottages near Narbonne, harvestings usually start in september but can also start earlier, as this year which was really dry. It is possible to say that  Languedoc is only a vineyard as so many hectares are covered […]

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Fête médiévale in Peyrepertuse


The castle of Peyrepertuse is located in Occitanie and can be easely reached by car from Domaine de Puychene. It is a perfect one day tour to visit also the famous bakery of Cucugnan and to swim in the Gorges du Verdouble. Peyrepertuse castle is a fantastic place built on thre top of a dry hill and is among the greatest settlements of the ancient Cathar population. […]

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Holiday cottage in Saint-Nazaire d’Aude

location villa et maison vacances piscine

  After many years spent in Paris and then in a village close to Fontainebleau we were looking for a sunny holiday cottage in the south of France. We were lucky to visit one of our friends who had a house in Saint-Nazaire d’Aude, a village close to the canal du Midi. Luck often comes […]

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Festival in Leucate


Leucate is one of the villages where we like to go from Domaine de Puychene because there are many things to do, to see and to taste. When you talk about Leucate you can talk about the beaches (La Franqui, Leucate-plage) and the restaurant on the beaches (Le Poulpe, Chez Biquet), about the old village, about […]

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Holiday cottages near Narbonne

holidays cottages narbonne

            We are living in Saint-Nazaire d’Aude which is a village with about 1900 inhabitants. Most of them used to work in the vineyards which were surrounding the village.But many things changed during the last 20 years and said people are now retired or died. Also many vineyards do not […]

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Spring day at Domaine de Puychêne

Location de maisons de vacances – Narbonne Languedoc Roussillon

Sometimes you are fed up with winter and you are waiting for the spring to come. Even if in Languedoc the winter is not very long and even not very cold you are expecting in March more colours and more heat. I was so sad to leave this beautiful day that I decided to make […]

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Wonderful day in Montolieu

Domaine Puychene Locations de Maisons Narbonne.

We spent a wonderful day in Montolieu, a charming village of Aude in the Laguedoc-Roussilon Midi-Pyrénées. Montolieu which is located on the Montagne Noire at about 15 kilometers from Carcassonne is known since 25 years as the « Village of books » with 14 bookshops, museums and art galleries. We walked in the little streets, […]

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