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Charming holiday cottages for Sol y Fiesta in Leucate

domaine de puychene

We left our charming holiday cottages for Sol y Fiesta in Leucate. We are attending this festival each year because we are really fans of this event which celebrates the sun and the happiness in Occitanie. It always take place during the long week-end of the Ascension when you can feel that the summertime is […]

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Domaine de Puychene likes Allegria near Pezenas


During a splendid day of April we decided to leave our holidays cottages near Narbonne and close to the canal du Midi to go close to the charming little town of Pézenas. This is a place worth visiting especially on saturday morning to enjoy a typical  market of the South of France. With its nice […]

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Holidays in Languedoc at Domaine de Puychene


Sometimes in March you have this feeling that something is changing and that the summer is ready to come. At Domaine de Puychene the new season  just started and the whole area is waiking up after the winter. This is easy to see when you notice many little signs such as more and more people […]

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Holiday cottages close to Carcassonne


We decided to leave Paris and to have a new life in the South of France where we used to spend our summer holidays during more then ten years. As we really enjoyed the Languedoc area we decided to share it with other people who like us really needed interesting and happy holidays. Our summer […]

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Holiday cottages near the canal du Midi


Domaine de Puychene is a perfect place to discover Languedoc and enjoy holidays in the south of France : our holiday cottages near the Canal du Midi will welcome you and your family in a former winery that we renovated in 2014-2015. Once parked in our private parking you will have time to enjoy the garden, […]

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Our holiday cottages next to Narbonne


As we found this place close to the canal du Midi it had no name. So we brainstormed and invented the name Domaine de Puychêne. The building was old and existed many years before we were born. As the whole Languedoc used to do and as all families in the village of Saint-Nazaire d’Aude used […]

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Holidays in France


During our holidays in Languedoc we were charmed by the general good mood of the people in Narbonne and in the whole area. We enjoyed during more than 10 years all good things that Occitanie can offer around Saint-Nazaire d’Aude where we have our summer house : the Mediterranean sea, the city of Carcassonne, Corbières […]

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Charm holiday cottages in Languedoc


There are some places where you immediately feel at home.This is exactly what we felt when we visited for the first time the place which became later, Domaine de Puychene. In Languedoc you will find many places which are really worth to visit. We decided to build our charm holiday cottages in Languedoc close to […]

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Harvesting under the sun of Occitanie near Narbonne

holidays houses near narbonne

In Languedoc-Rousillon which is now called Occitanie, between Corbières and Minervois where we decided to create our holiday cottages near Narbonne, harvestings usually start in september but can also start earlier, as this year which was really dry. It is possible to say that  Languedoc is only a vineyard as so many hectares are covered […]

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Fête médiévale in Peyrepertuse


The castle of Peyrepertuse is located in Occitanie and can be easely reached by car from Domaine de Puychene. It is a perfect one day tour to visit also the famous bakery of Cucugnan and to swim in the Gorges du Verdouble. Peyrepertuse castle is a fantastic place built on thre top of a dry hill and is among the greatest settlements of the ancient Cathar population. […]

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